I started my musical/singing career 50 years ago, and I sang only English/western songs. Somewhere along the way “Podi Mahhataya”, the proprietor of New Sound Records, suggested that I record “Chuda Manike”, and that is where I crossed the threshold.

I was very fond of the songs of Mr. Wally Batiansz, and duly met and asked him permission to record some of the songs he had composed, and I am proud to say that he readily agreed and said these words to me on one of his visits to my home: “Putha, you are the only one who can do justice to my songs.”

These words from the one and only Master resound in my mind, and I am grateful to this day for his faith in me. I never fail to dedicate to his memory whenever I perform a song of his. His music will endure the passage of time as true lovers of music will keep the fire of his music burning.

Desmond De Silva – Singer/Performer

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